Went to Chimbote for a weekend, and stayed in a tent on the beach of Besique. Wasn’t sure if it would be possible, but as Chimbote isn’t a major tourist destination I didn’t want to stay there long and camping on a beach sounded LUSH. Ended up having to stay in Chimbote one night as got into Chimbote too late to get a combie to the beach which was half an hour away…and a taxi was 90 soles or something ridiculous like that. I couldn’t really believe that there the combies stopped so early and kept asking people in Chimbote if there was a combie and if people lived there…But when I got there the next day I could see why. It is a beach, and there’s nothing nearby except dusty desert mountains, and a few

houses, and some restaurants. Really beautiful beach and nice to be on a different beach compared to Huanchaco! With not many people on it, and no tourists. And the part of the beach that I ended up staying on had hardly no one one it. DSC00951By nightfall I decided to stay on the beach, there were 2 other groups of people that had arrived during the sunset and so I decided it would be safe enough. And it was and it was very lovely to stay on the beach, except I had really really BAD sunburn, and so the sand I thought would be very comfy and mold to my shape, was the most uncomfortable. But I did get some sleep, and one of the restaurants was still open (everyone leaves at around 6pm and everything closes) where the workers were drinking and having their own party, but managed to get some chips and a beer!

Finding the perfect camping spot

Finding the perfect camping spot







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